Tuesday, September 30, 2008


We recently went to Snowbird and the girls had a blast. We went on the tram and Oktoberfest, where Montana tried hard to eat her bratwurst! In the pool Montana tried to stay afloat! pretty funny.


And we went to the park and the pool and the girls didn't want to get out of the pool!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Alligator wrestling

While at Gatorland we saw an alligator wrestling show, that I'm pretty sure if Jerry did not already have a job, this would be it!!! Squint ur eyes, kinda looks like him too!


On our last day in Florida, we went to Gatorland. We had a lot of fun looking at and feeding the alligators!

Swimming at the Hilton

Okay, so the hotel we stayed at was like condo suites at the Hilton. The girls we so excited to have their own room and a near swimming pool for a bath tub! The actual pool had a water fall that Kiya loved. And the one of three hot tubs had a water fall that we couldn't get Montana out of! They had a fountain to play in that was a lot of fun!! oh yea, and I was there to.

Sea world

After the cruise we went to sea world! The girls loved the shows especially Shamu. Montana was brave enough to go on the roller coaster, Atlantis and had the time of her life

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Fun adventures

At the Bahamas, Josh found Himself to be a native. On the boat we saw the freeway between parts of the Island go over the water and at the under pass was a boat dock! Those cleaver people put a souvenir shop right there! Montana and Kiya held starfish. And we went snorkeling and played at the beach! On the small boat, back to the big boat, Kiya found herself all worn out.

Cute animals

Every night they turned down our beds and
made us very cute towel animals!

Kennedy Space Center

Before the cruise we went to Kennedy Space Center. Tons of fun and the girls loved astronaut ice cream (yuck!!) and getting glow in the dark stars to put on their ceiling.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My animated daughter!

We went to the Hard Rock cafe in Florida. Kiya is so funny in her expressions!! Kiya eating chicken and growling at the waitress, literally!!

So we went in Florida, however did not go to the Hard
Rock in Bahamas, but make a nice picture!

Which brings me to my next point of places not visited. The Hard Rock was in Universal Studios, however not in the park. We could walk all around but not go on the rides.

Our cruise!

We went on our very first cruise for a week in Aug. We had a great time We went to Nassau and Free port in the Bahamas. The girls loved being on a boat and both getting to sleep in a top bunk! Montana's favorite part was going to camp carnival, where she got to go anytime for as long as she wants, (provided I aproved) and even have dinner there! All in all I think she liked having her independance!
While in Nassau we were able to go to a dolphin encounter and get in the water with a dolphin. we hugged danced and kissed the dolphin and the girls were daring enough to pet the dolphin!! That had to be my favorite part!!

Well Hello everyone!

I have finnaly arrived! Welcome to my brand new blog that I will be updating definatly, more or less, possibly, if I can, every month. I think. so please check at random, because you never know when there will be something new!!